2019 Luncheon Co-Chairs

Jim & Susan Boone

Ann Lents & David Heaney

Julie Peak & David Hightower

2019 Honorary Host Committee

The Honorable Dr. Alma Allen, Texas State Representative

The Honorable Sarah Davis, Texas State Representative

The Honorable and Mrs. Ed Emmett County Judge, Harris County

The Honorable Sydney Murphy County Judge, Polk County

The Honorable Karla Cisneros Houston City Council Member

The Honorable Brenda Stardig, Houston City Council Member

The Honorable Bill Caligari, Former Texas State Representative

The Honorable Jon Lindsay, Former Texas State Senator


2019 Host Committee

Katherine & Chris Amandes

Dr. Anna Armitage

Keiji Asakura

Fred Bauhof

Garrick Behelfer

Leslie Berardo

Jack Blanton

Jim and Susan Boone        

Tricia Brasseaux

Glenn Buckley

Auggie Campbell

Collin Cox

Sanford Criner

Christine Crotwell

Anne Culver

John Daugherty, Jr.

Deidra Dierks

Bill Evans

Sidney Evans

Mike Fitzgerald

Wayne Fox

Jason Fuller

Dr. Cullen Geiselman

Dr. Lisa Gonzalez

Phillip Goodwin

Port of Houston

Don Howell

Peter Huinker

Bill Jackson

E. Winston Jones

John Kirksey, Sr.

Stephen L. Klineberg

Lee Lehourcade

Harriet & Truett Latimer

Ann Lents & David Heaney

Mary Nell & Malcom Lovett

Kathrine G. McGovern

Cheryl Mergo

Paula Mischer

Walt & Leila Mischer

John Moody Sr.

Myla Moon

Dustin O’Neal

Ben Patton

Julie Peak

Carter Perrin

Dr. Daniel Price

Allen Port

Bill Prout

Margaret Lloyd & Bob Randolph

Dr. Loren Raun

Sheila & Jordan Reese

David Renninger

Ramona Ridge

Beth Robertson

Candyce Rylander

Andy Sansom

Schwartz, Page & Harding, LLP

Chavonne Slovak

Carter Smith

Matt Stahman

Nick Swyka, Jr.

Andy Stepanian

Merrie Talley

Bette & Ralph Thomas

Alia Vinson

Dick Weekley

Bruce Wilcoxon




with the Annual Wild Life Award

On Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, Houston Wilderness will have the honor of presenting its annual Wild Life Award to Joe B. Allen at the Annual Luncheon at River Oaks Country Club. The award will honor his legacy of environmental-based laws that are providing new parks, trails, and open space in subdivisions all over the state.

If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor, please download the Sponsorship Letter and Sponsorship Response Form below. For all other ticket purchases, please download the Ticket Response Form.


Please contact rita@houstonwilderness.org or torey@houstonwilderness.org for any questions.

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