HOUSTON WILDERNESS is a broad-based alliance of 100+ business, environmental and government interests that work together to protect, preserve and promote the unique biodiversity of the 13+ county Greater Houston Region’s remaining ecological capital - from bottomland hardwoods and prairie grasslands to pine forests and coastal wetlands. This mission is accomplished through Convening various groups to promote protect and preserve the biodiversity in our 10 ecoregions; providing collaborative Problem-Solving opportunities on critical environmental issues; and Educating the public on the many exciting outdoor opportunities in the Greater Houston Region and the health benefits associated with nature.  

To achieve its mission, Houston Wilderness programming includes:

  • Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan – Houston Wilderness facilitates the eight-county Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan (Gulf- Houston RCP), which collectively identifies our region’s conservation priorities through a Working List of Projects in need of full or partial funding. Coordinated through a large Planning Group and active30+ Steering Committee, the Gulf-Houston RCP explores collaborative projects and initiatives that bolster the environmental and economic health of the upper Texas coast and all the watersheds, bay, estuaries and grass lands within this 8-county Gulf-Houston region, which represents close to 10 percent of the nation's 40 million acres of coastal wetlands and benefits 6.5 million people. See link to the left of this home page for the Gulf-HoustonRCP.org website.

  • Collaborative Grant Organizing Program- Houston Wilderness convenes a multitude of regional stakeholders together to discuss opportunities to package large federal/state funding proposals. Through its Collaborative Grant Organizing (CGO) Program, we have built a supportive with multiple stakeholders and federal/state agencies and regularly submit collaborative proposals, and currently serve as facilitator of a variety of environmental-based projects around the Gulf-Houston Region. Since its creation, the CGO Program has brought tens of thousands of dollars of additional dollars to over 50 partners in our region. See more under the Ecoregion Planning tab at top of this home page.

  • Wilderness Passport, Great Green Quest and GetOutHereHouston.org - With the Wilderness Passport as a guide to the 10 diverse ecoregions found in the 13+ county region surrounding Greater Houston, Great Green Quest distributes over 15,000 of these passports to schools, YMCA centers, park community centers, and region-wide libraries and interested community groups. We also facilitate the GetOutHereHouston.org website that highlights “everything you need to know about outdoor activities in our region.” See more under the Passport tab at top of this home page.

  • Ecosystem Services Primer - Houston Wilderness created a Primer on ecosystem services designed to introduce policymakers and decisionmakers to the importance of ecosystem services for the Greater Houston region and the different methods of valuing them. This Primer assesses the importance of integrating the value and benefits of ecosystem services into mainstream policy decision-making, providing policymakers with more tools to make mutually-beneficial decisions regarding the region's most pressing economic and environmental issues and recommend ways to accomplish these goals. See the Primer under Ecosystem Services tab at top of this home page.