Collaborative Grant Organizing Program


Organizing (CGO) Program serves regional stakeholders and network partners by researching, convening and facilitating informative meetings and conference calls to discuss a multitude of advancements in nature-based infrastructure, restoration and/or conservation. These discussions often lead to development of regional initiatives related to submission of multi-partner funding proposals to federal and state grant opportunities for the enhancement of targeted environmental risks and stressors, such as large-scale urban and suburban prairie restoration and reforestation, oyster reef creation along living shorelines, targeted large-scale tree plantings to reduce air and water pollution and reduction of invasive species.

Since 2013, the CGO Program has assisted in facilitating funding for over 1.2 million in nature-based projects and initiatives benefiting the Gulf-Houston Region.

Houston Wilderness is currently working with over 125 different partners on the following advancements in nature-based infrastructure, restoration and conservation:

  • Educating on Careers in Conservation in the 8-county Gulf-Houston Region

  • Large-scale nature-based stabilization through restoration of native plants and trees on public spaces throughout the City of Houston and Harris County

  • Texas Monarch Flyway Strategy (See more at

  • Galveston Bay Living Shorelines with Oyster Reefs Creation in Galveston Bay and surrounding islands

  • Port of Houston Tree Riparian Environmental Ecosystem Services (Port Houston TREES) program - conducting large-scale tree inventories of riparian areas along the Houston Ship Channel and planting native trees that benefit air and water quality

FOR CURRENT CGO PARTNERS: To report on project activities and outcomes of collaborative grant(s) where you are a partner, please click the button below.  To obtain the password to complete the form email:

As of Feb 2018