2019 - Houston Wilderness RCP Key Goals Facilitation Forums

Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan (Gulf-Houston RCP) is a long-term collaborative of environmental, business, and governmental entities working together to implement an ecosystem resilience plan for the Eight-County Gulf-Houston region. The 8 counties in the RCP are: Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, Fort Bend, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller County

In addition to providing the only online interactive database of all targeted nature-based infrastructure projects taking place in the region, the three key goals of the RCP include: (1) Increasing the current 9.7% in protected/preserved land in the eight-county region to 24% of land coverage by 2040, (2) Increasing and supporting the region-wide land management efforts to install nature-based stabilization techniques, such as low-impact development, living shorelines, and bioswales, to 50% of land coverage by 2040, and (3) providing research and advocacy for an increase of 0.4% annually in air quality offsets through carbon absorption in native soils, plants, trees, and oyster reefs throughout the eight county region.

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Thousands of individuals, hundreds of businesses and every government agency in this 8-county region is a part of the Gulf-Houston RCP data collection and achievement goals in one or more ways. For example, various organizations are part of the 9.7% in current or future protected/preserved land in the 8-county region through creation and maintenance of parks, natural areas, riparian corridors, detention basins, reservoirs, etc). Individuals and organizations who work or live in an area that have installed nature-based stabilization techniques on their property through green infrastructure technieques, bioswales, or other native plantings are contributing to nature-based community resilience. And, individuals, organizations and institutions that are adding more native trees, plants and living shorelines to our region are engaging in carbon sequestration annually.