On Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, Houston Wilderness will have the honor of presenting its annual Wild Life Award to John Kirksey, Sr. and Family at the Annual Luncheon at River Oaks Country Club. The award will honor their strong and enduring commitment to enhancing Houston's quality of life and preserving our natural environment for many generations to experience and enjoy. The Houston Wilderness  Wild Partner Award will be presented to an exceptional corporate partner and great friend, ConocoPhillips, for their commitment to promoting economic growth, a healthy environment and vibrant communities, now and in the future.  The Luncheon's Host Committee will be chaired by a "Covey of Chairs" - Linda and Les Allison, Vivien and Scott Caven, Ann and Henry Hamman, Marsha and Charlie Parker, Terri and Pepe Schwartz, Kay and Max Watson, Meg and Dick Weekley. Additionally, the Luncheon will highlight the creation of the Gulf-Houston Monarch Flyway Strategy which which focuses on substantially increasing habitat for the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators through regional partnerships and collaboration. 

If you are interested in joining us as the Host Committee, please download the Host Committee Letter and Host Committee Response Form below. 

Host Committee "Covey of Chairs"

Linda and Les Allison
Vivien and Scott Caven
Ann and Henry Hamman
Marsha and Charlie Parker
Terri and Pepe Schwartz
Kay and Max Watson
Meg and Dick Weekley

Honorary Host Committee

The Honorable Karla Cisneros, Council Member District 4, City of Houston
The Honorable Ellen Cohen, Council Member, District C, City of Houston
The Honorable Jerry Davis, Vice Mayor Pro-tem, City of Houston
The Honorable Sarah Davis, Texas State Representative, District 134
The Honorable Ed Emmett, County Judge, Harris County Texas
The Honorable Gene Green, U.S. Congressman, 29th District, State of Texas
The Honorable Mike Knox, Council Member, At Large Position 1, City of Houston
The Honorable Steve Le, Council Member, District F, City of Houston
The Honorable Evalyn Moore, Mayor, City of Richmond
The Honorable Dennis Paul, Texas State Representative, District 129
The Honorable Ted Poe, U.S. Congressman, 2nd District, State of Texas
The Honorable Brenda Stardig, Council Member, District A, City of Houston
The Honorable Sylvester Turner, Mayor, City of Houston
The Honorable Michael S. Wolfe, Sr., Mayor, City of Hempstead

Host Committee

Katherine and Chris Amandes
Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Katherine and David Andrew
Frances and Tim Arnoult
Keiji Asakura
Valentina and Alan Atkinson
Fred Bauhof
Garrick Behelfer
Tricia Brasseaux
Anne Brown
Julie Ann Brown
R.C. Brown, III
Alice Harcrow Burguieres
Bettie Cartwright
Jan Cato
Kathleen and Robert Clarke
Karen and Gus Comiskey
Betty and Bill Conner
Kelty and Rogers Crain
John Daugherty, Jr.
Deidra Dierks
Mary and John Eads
Jane and Gus Eifler
Nancy and Charles Epley
Sidney Evans
Sarah Flournoy
Anne and Robin French
Jason Fuller
Cullen K. Geiselman
Carol and Tommy Harper
Patricia P. Hubbard
John Jacob
Deborah January-Bevers
Andy Jones
E. Winston Jones and Sam Jones
Tom Kartrude
Wendy and Mavis Kelsey, Jr.
Diane and Don Kendall
Stephen L. Klineberg


Carla Knobloch
Virginia and Lee Lahourcade
Harriet and Truett Latimer
Ann Lents and David Heaney
Jim Lester
Kathrine McGovern
Joan and Doug McLeod
Chad Meacham
Cheryl Mergo
Leila and Walt Mischer
Arthur Moore
Katherine and Paul  Murphy
Sydney Murphy
Ben Patton
Jennifer Paulsen
Julie J. Peak
Gary Pearce
Steve Pearce
Francey Pengra and Ed Allday
Carter Perrin
Loren Hopkins Raun
Ramona Ridge
Beth Robertson
Laurie Roddy
Clive Runnells
Andy Sansom
Angela Seaworth
Carter Smith
Andy Stepanian
Bob Stokes
Nick Swyka
Tellepsen Family
Richard Torres
Joe Turner
Brenda and Mort Voller
Carita Walker
Linda and Steve Webster
Bonnie and David Weekley
Bruce Wilcoxon



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Green pond with heavy sky - landscape painting by harold joiner

Green pond with heavy sky - landscape painting by harold joiner