2019 -

Joe B. Allen

Over his tenure of 45+ years practicing law in Texas, including 37 years representing municipal utility districts (MUDs) and other special districts in the State of Texas, Joe B. Allen has built a legacy of environmental-based laws that are providing new parks, trails and open space throughout the state, and particularly in the Greater Houston Region. Joe B. was instrumental in the passage of regulations allowing MUDs to create parks and open spaces in their communities. For many years, he has also worked behind the scenes on various quality of life issues in counties in and around Greater Houston, providing more opportunities for nature-based infrastructure, large-scale tree plantings and park space.

Read Joe B’s Award Speech here!


2018 -

The Quality of Life Coalition

Houston Wilderness is pleased to honor the Quality of Life Coalition Founders - Alan Atkinson, Chuck Carlberg, Mack Fowler, Jodie & Sonny Jiles, Ann Lents, Charles McMahen, Dick Rogers, Max Watson, Dick Weekley, Bill White, and Ed Wulfe - with the Wild Life Award for their lasting legacy of quality of life enhancements in the Greater Houston Region. They have collectively and individually made long lasting impacts on the 10 ecoregions where we live, work and play.


2017 -

Kirksey Family

John Kirksey, Sr. and his family are ardent conservationists, who collectively have made it their mission to protect, preserve and promote our region’s rich ecological diversity, both personally and professionally. John Kirksey, Sr. is a leading force in shaping Houston into one of the “Greenest Cities” in the nation, and his wife, Kyle Kirksey, and their children and their families, Shawn and Bill Jackson and Joanie and John Kirksey, Jr. are all deeply involved in professional and philanthropic endeavors that demonstrate a strong and enduring commitment to enhancing Houston’s quality of life and preserving our natural environment.


2016 -

Henry Hamman

Henry Hamman is a lifelong conservationist with a great appreciation for wildlife conservation and land management. Wearing the hats of an oil and gas man, philanthropist, and rancher, he has contributed greatly in all of these arenas. Especially important to our region, and to the state of Texas, is Henry Hamman’s belief that science-based information should be used to enhance conservation practices for the betterment of land and wildlife.

Beth & Cullen.jpg

2015 -

Beth Robertson &

Cullen Geiselman

Beth Robertson and her daughter Cullen Geiselman are dedicated chammpions of the conservation and preservation of the Greater Houston Region’s unique ecological treasures. Togethere, and by example, they are leaders in recognizing the vital importance of nature to our overall quality of life, and have been passionate and active participants in protecting, promoting and preserving the region’s precious green spaces.